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Parent Support

Parenting can be a tough job.  It’s good to remember there are no perfect parents, only real ones.   For some inspiration, read

  • Keeping Your Family Strong for ideas about how you can support yourself and your family click here!
  • Concepción’s story of how she found help for her son with Autism

Sometimes we all need a little help...

All families need help at some point.  Help can be a neighbor.  Help is also available through the many resources in our county.  Follow the links to find resources near you.

Parenting & Family Supports

Parenting and family supports are opportunities to meet and share with other parents, discover ways to manage childhood challenges, and learn something new. Parenting and family supports are also opportunities to get help in times of need.  

Click here for parenting and family resources listed in the Alameda Kids Resource Directory

Fatherhood Programs

Fatherhood services are primarily to help increase involvement of fathers in their children’s lives.  Services focus on the needs of men and the unique challenges they face in fulfilling their roles as fathers.  Resources include legal help with custody and child support issues, mental health counseling, parenting education, family therapy and more. 

Click here for services for fathers listed in the Alameda Kids Resource Directory

Basic Needs & Other Resources

There are a lot of resources available in Alameda County to meet the basic needs of families.   You can find food banks, financial services, shelters, health and wellness, legal assistance, and more.   Most services are free and confidential.

Click here for basic needs and other resources listed in the Alameda Kids Resource Directory

Contact Help Me Grow

Contact Help Me Grow for more resources and support. No question is too big or too small.

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